Michaela Mason’s Big List of 23/22 Worries By Alexa Moses

Michaela is a city lover, fast foods and bustling streets, so when she and her mother spontaneously move to the countryside, Michaela hates everything about it. With a hyperactive human alarm system, she has been making lists ever since she could write, taking the worries out of her brain and putting it onto paper instead. Her secret, most important, big-boss of all her lists in her list of 23 worries. one of her top worries is having no friends, so as soon as she starts school, she sets of to make some. upon meeting Zoe, Annabelle-Rose and Skye, Michaela is positive that they are good friends, but is unsure about some of their habits, and even punishments. Will Michaela (rather reluctantly) find her feet in her new town and cross off another worry off her list? or will she be swept under by it all and live in misery?

Even though there were few plot twists and heart-stopping moments, I definitely enjoyed this book. With many hints of themes of overcoming fears, this book is perfect for children 10 years of age plus who are having trouble defeating their own, or who just enjoy reading about it. I would absolutely rate it 5 out of 5 stars and can’t wait to see what Alexa Moses comes up with next!

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