PAWS By Kate Foster

Eleven-year-old Alex Freeman is Autistic, and with going to high-school only months away, Alex is positive that having a friend by his side will help. So, he’s made a three-step, fool-proof, friend-making plan. Alex is sure nothing can possibly go wrong with it, until it does. being kicked out of his relay racing team for someone else, Alex’s heart is crushed. That is, until he see’s that PAWS, a famous TV show for dogs is coming to his town. If he wins one of the many sections, then surely he’ll get some friends! Now the only thing he has to do is train his furry friend and loyal companion Kevin the cockapoo and win himself a trophy.

I loved this book, with its obvious themes of friendship and hope. I enjoyed reading about how, even though he was making completely different plans, Alex managed to make a friend, what he was aiming for, although not in the way he planned. A truly heartwarming story, I would recommend it to children of 8+ who love dogs or are having problems finding their own friends.

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