The Fire Star by A. L. Tait

Maven is the maid and companion of Lady Cassandra, travelling to Rennart Castle because her Lady, much to her displeasure, was to marry the knight protector of the Castle, Sir Garrick Sharp, and give her precious stone, the Fire Star, to the Airl. Reeve is the 16-year-old squire of Sir Garrick, and is determined to be a knight, although being 16, he is 2 years older than most young squires begin training. But somehow, the Fire Star got stolen, a few days before the wedding, and Maven and Reeve have only three days to solve the mystery, or all their hopes and dreams will be destroyed. Can they find it in time for the wedding? Or will they never achieve their dreams?

Like most books, I would doubtlessly rate The Fire Star 5/5 stars.

I was up way past my bedtime finishing The Fire Star! An absolute must-read, I adored the plot-twists and discoveries featured in this elaborate adventure novel. It has everything, from thieves and murderers, to grudges and secret societies. It is perfect for children 10 years old and a good way older. The next book in the Maven and Reeve Mystery series has just come out, The Wolfs Howl, as well, and we can be expecting another one in a couple of years.

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