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The Boy who Stepped Through Time By Anna Ciddor

While on holiday in France, Perry wanders into an old ruin while at a Roman Market, definitely not expecting to be whisked away into the past, 1700 years back, when the Villa Rubia is at its former glory. While searching desperately for away back home, he must try to blend in as a slave, eating mice, snails, and figs for every meal. Eventually, Perry gets used to the absurd routine that the Villa Rubia’s slaves have, and makes a new friend, who happens to be the daughter of the house, Valentina. But Perry knows he has heard her name before, and upon suddenly realising his newest friends awful fate, he is determined to save her. Will Perry go home to his family, all safe and sound, or will he stay and defend his friends life, risking getting stuck in her absurd world forever?

This historical fiction book is the ideal novel for children 10+. One of a kind, Anna Ciddor has done an amazing job of adding just the right amount of humor, embarrassment and shocking in this action-packed story. I cannot wait to see what she whips up next!

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