Nevertell by Katherine Orton

11-years-old, Lina has never seen life outside the prison wire. Having been born there, she can only dream about life beyond the gardening in the greenhouse, eating black hunks of bread for meals and sleeping in a crowded room with older women that has occupied her life so far. Only able to imagine her grandmother’s house in Moscow from what her mother had told her, warm and secure, unlike the bleak icy wilderness of the camp, and Lina longs to be there, not stuck at the prison. So, when the chance comes to escape, Lina agrees without thinking. But, outside the camp fence, it is dangerous. Cold, tired, and hungry, they must face shadow wolves, ice witches and a mysterious girl who only whispers the word ‘Nevertell’.

From the masterful mind of Katherine Orton, this superbly worded narrative is ideal for children around the age of 10. I particularly appreciated the plot twists that are embedded in the complex storyline, ensuring that the reader never knows what is going to happen next. I would absolutely rate it 5/5 stars!

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