Wandi by Favel Parrett

After being snatched from his home in the mountains by an enormous eagle, Little One, the smallest dingo of his litter, was injured and alone. With giant claw marks carved into his young back, he had no idea where he had been dropped. He was glad to find a human who, unlike the warnings Little One had heard, didn’t poison him or shoot him. Instead, this human gave him food, and somewhere to sleep for the night. This human took him to the vet so he could begin his long journey to become Wandi, or Wandiligong, the famous Alpine Dingo.

Based on the true story of a young dingo pup, Wandi is a spectacular story of kindness and hope, and is the perfect read for any child 9+. I especially loved how Favel Parrett, the author of this magical tale, managed to use words to make me feel like I was Wandi, watching his life act out from his personal perspective.

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