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The Great Dream Robbery

Maya Clayton has always had a rather spectacular imagination, along with an aptitude for art. Her Father, the slightly eccentric Professor Dexter, is an important scientist at one of the foremost sleep laboratories in the world- Somnia Incorporated, and has miraculously invented a machine which enables the user to step into other peoples dreams! However, his boss, the devious Lilith Delamere, has trapped him inside a nightmare. Along with the Dream Bandits, Maya must find a way to free her beloved father from Somnia Incorporated in an adventure consisting of llamas, unicorns, mattress vans, talking cats and WAY too many cows.

This hilarious book will have you in a fit of laughter the whole way through. It is perfect for children from ages 9 to 12, but adults will enjoy it too, especially as a read-aloud. The authors, Greg James and Chris Smith, wove together this magnificent, multicoloured tapestry beautifully, and, without a doubt, I would rate it five stars!

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