Category: Animal Kingdom

  • Wandi by Favel Parrett

    Wandi by Favel Parrett

    After being snatched from his home in the mountains by an enormous eagle, Little One, the smallest dingo of his litter, was injured and alone. With giant claw marks carved into his young back, he had no idea where he had been dropped. He was glad to find a human who, unlike the warnings Little…

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  • The Last Bear by Hannah Gold

    The Last Bear by Hannah Gold

    10 year old April’s Father is an important researcher, and his current project is analysing the temperatures in the Arctic, which has sent them off to Bear Island. Bear Island is a remote arctic wilderness where, until the ice caps melted, Polar Bears used to thrive. April believed her Father that Polar Bears no longer…

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  • Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

    Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

    Black Beauty follows the life story of a beautiful black horse that encounters many people and answers to many names. Born to a Mother that was their Masters pride, Black Beauty is determined to be good, so he lets himself be broken in and sold, meeting new friends such as Merrylegs and Ginger. Black Beauty…

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  • PAWS By Kate Foster

    PAWS By Kate Foster

    Eleven-year-old Alex Freeman is Autistic, and with going to high-school only months away, Alex is positive that having a friend by his side will help. So, he’s made a three-step, fool-proof, friend-making plan. Alex is sure nothing can possibly go wrong with it, until it does. being kicked out of his relay racing team for…

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