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  • The Ickabog

    The Ickabog

    By J.K. Rowling Once upon a time, there was a kingdom called Cornucopia, and it was the happiest place in the world. Everything was perfect, from the joyful citizens to the delicious foods that could make the eater dance with joy or cry happy tears. Everything was perfect, apart from the mysteriously foggy marshlands, where,… Read more

  • The Great Dream Robbery

    The Great Dream Robbery

    Maya Clayton has always had a rather spectacular imagination, along with an aptitude for art. Her Father, the slightly eccentric Professor Dexter, is an important scientist at one of the foremost sleep laboratories in the world- Somnia Incorporated, and has miraculously invented a machine which enables the user to step into other peoples dreams! However,… Read more

  • Akarnae by Lynette Noni

    Akarnae by Lynette Noni

    Alexandra Jennings, 16, is accustomed to travelling. She frequently travels from one country to another and from one airport to another because her parents are archaeologists. She is dreading being abandoned at a boarding school though, while they travel to a Russian dig site in Siberia. After receiving a chilly welcome from her unfriendly classmates,… Read more

  • The Travelling Restaurant By Barbara Else

    The Travelling Restaurant By Barbara Else

    Left behind from a frantic escape out of the country, Jasper boards the mysterious and seemingly magical vessel “The Travelling Restaurant”, a eccentric yacht splattered with bright colours. “The Travelling Restaurant” was exactly as it sounded; a restaurant that travelled around on water. It served breakfast, lunch, and dinner, each meal carefully cooked by the… Read more

  • Wandi by Favel Parrett

    Wandi by Favel Parrett

    After being snatched from his home in the mountains by an enormous eagle, Little One, the smallest dingo of his litter, was injured and alone. With giant claw marks carved into his young back, he had no idea where he had been dropped. He was glad to find a human who, unlike the warnings Little… Read more

  • A Tale of Magic By Chris Colfer

    A Tale of Magic By Chris Colfer

    Brystal, a fourteen-year-old girl, lives in Chariot Hills, where, like the rest of the world, girls and women aren’t allowed to read books or have a useful education, and magic is forbidden on pain of death. Everyone believes the rules are good and trustworthy, but Brystal knows there is more to life for females than… Read more