Rabbit, Soldier, Angel, Thief by Katrina Nannestad

In the Spring of 1942, 6 year old Sasha is the only person left in his town that was once full of blue skies, beautiful flowers, proud geese, wooden houses and friendly neighbours. Everything and everyone who he ever knew is gone, enveloped in a soot-black cloud of smoke caused by the German invaders. After hours of stumbling through a dark wood, Sasha is finally found by a red army camp and given food and a place to sleep as if he is one of their own. And before long, he is. With a tiny uniform and tiny boots made specifically for him, Sasha begins fighting the war with his new army in the only way he knows; with love, happiness and song. But things take a turn for the worse when the battalion enters Stalingrad, a city famous for the great part of the war that took place there during World War Two.

This spectacular story based during the terrible times of WW2, follows the life of a young boy, from running like a rabbit from the Germans, joining the Russian army and becoming a soldier, becoming the angel of Stalingrad, before ending up in a hospital and becoming a thief, stealing things to trigger his memories. Written by the author of We Are Wolves, Katrina Nannestad, this incredible historical fiction book is perfect for adolescents 10+ who love narratives about World Wars One and Two and adventure tales.

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