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Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Black Beauty follows the life story of a beautiful black horse that encounters many people and answers to many names. Born to a Mother that was their Masters pride, Black Beauty is determined to be good, so he lets himself be broken in and sold, meeting new friends such as Merrylegs and Ginger. Black Beauty learns about the horrors other horses have endured, working as a cart horse, taxi cab and many other hard, tedious jobs as well, sometimes with good, kind and gentle Masters that Black Beauty was happy to serve, and sometimes with mean and harsh masters. But no matter what, Black Beauty is always loyal and kind, no matter what.

I adored this heartfelt book, and although I don’t usually enjoy books from the first-person point of view as much, I found this novel to be right up there on my favorites list. I would recommend it to farm and horse lovers of 8 years old and over. I loved how Anna Sewell managed to make it feel like Black Beauty was standing next to me, telling me his life story, and when I turned the final page and closed the book, I was sorry for it all to have come to an end.

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