The Travelling Restaurant By Barbara Else

Left behind from a frantic escape out of the country, Jasper boards the mysterious and seemingly magical vessel “The Travelling Restaurant”, a eccentric yacht splattered with bright colours. “The Travelling Restaurant” was exactly as it sounded; a restaurant that travelled around on water. It served breakfast, lunch, and dinner, each meal carefully cooked by the culinary genius, Polly, and served by the incredible Captain/ waiter, Dr. Rocket. Fun times, brilliant food, and good friends weren’t the only things riding on the magnificent ocean steed, however. Danger rode with them too, as they battled ferocious whirlpools, cheeky monkeys, and terrifying pirates in an attempt to find Jaspers little sister, Silliba, and save their kingdom from the ruthless Provisional Monarch, Lady Gall.

I absolutely adored this book, all about families, friendship, adventures, and, of course, incredibly delicious food. I found it gripping, with the exact amount of terror, humour and plot twists to make a great read. The front cover is amazing too; it’s bright colours showing off the fun book inside. A definite must-read, I’d recommend this stunning novel to children from the age of 8 up.

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